Singapore’s Simplest Inventory Management Solution

BIMS is a comprehensive warehouse management system that helps you manage your receiving, warehousing and shipping operations across your outlets to improve productivity, as well as to ensure efficient logistics execution.

Item Identification & Management

Barcode-centric inventory & asset tracking system with catalog & order management. Each piece of inventory is monitored & tracked throughout the process. From the moment it is received in the warehouse to the final delivery to the customer, the unit is recorded & monitored.

Audit Trail Management

Generate activity logs instantly with detailed information. Provides step-by-step history of all activities. Reduces chances of manipulation of records and thwarts security breaches.

Check In/Out Management

Capture and track all in/out on items accurately. Keep multiple information for every piece of item. Identify the current holder and location of the items.

Stock-taking management

Track status of sales , dates paid, collection of payments, mode of payment, & history payments. Ready to use management solutions to keep accurate records.

Item Track & Lifecycle Management

Keep all the inventory that you store or ship and its detailed information in one place. In a glance know where your inventory is, its value worth, and more…


Key Performance Indicators and Improvement Statistics from users:

Key Process Performance Indicators
Inventory Stock Take Operation
Locating & Searching Items
Check In/Out Operation
Inventory Reporting
Asset Auditing
Minimize Inventory Loss

Product Screenshots

Build for simplicity, BIMS guides the users through their task using simple and uncomplicated screens, provides real-time visibility to streamline operations, maximize asset utilization and error-proof related data. This system allows businesses to effectively identify, track and manage items for lifecycle management. Staff productivity can be elevated through more efficient inventory tracking, and accuracy can be enhanced by automation of time-consuming inventory management processes. Track the assets and data that flow through the business operations, and make better decisions.


Spring ICV approved applications receive max cap SGD 5,000.00 voucher to offset set up cost & 2 years subscription